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New Album coming out Soon

IN Your Head… the album

Ready or not…. here it comes. Not sure if anyone really cares… but my debut solo album (under the name The Trampoline Delay) is set for release on May 17th, 2022.

It’s an L.P. (I guess… 8 songs) entitled “Don’t Let Go“, and it is an eclectic mix of indie rock songs that range from the heavy hitting, “In Your Head”, to the arena rock anthem-ish love song “Don’t Let Go”, to the melancholy, anxiety ridden dreamy guitar driven “Letdown”, and lots in between.


Most of the songs were written over COVID. And while isolation was a driving catalyst in getting this album out… the themes go well beyond that, touching on topics like lust, love, life, death and mental illness. But somehow the songs still manage to maintain melodic pop sensibilities… for the most part anyway!!

Where to get it

For now… this record will probably be a digital release. So for any band, purchasing a digital copy from BandCamp is probably the best way to support an artist. But if you can’t do that, the album is available on all major streaming services. And if you know any labels out there that want to help with a physical release… send them my way!!!

Anyhow… come back on May 17th… give it a listen… share it with others… include as many of the songs as you can in your personal playlists!!!


Pete (A.K.A The Trampoline Delay)

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